Our Consulting Skills

Specialized Therapists

Spa Branding Consulting

We can both create and support the creation of a wellness center.
We pinpoint the spa identity, vision, mission and philosophy. We deal with defining the kind of management, studying the delivery of services, optimizing guest experience.
Our approach is totally holistic: services are flowing, people and the environment are in complete harmony.

Spa Design

Holistic Architecture Design

We design buildings whose architectural goal is the harmonious relationship between man and space, without forgetting to provide a flowing service delivery.
We respect the personality of the place, conserving its environment, nature and raw materials.
Moreover, we convert its flaws into a surplus value.

Team training

Team Training

We handle the training of the spa’s personnel.
We coach the team members how to give value to their own competence, helping them in improving their sensitivity and approach skills towards the guest. Operators learn how to anticipate customer needs, how to cope with any difficult situations, how to improve the guest’s spa experience.
In addition, we take care of specific training in various holistic disciplines.

Conscious Management

Conscious Management

We offer our customers an innovative kind of management, able to balance the needs of all: team, hotels, vendors, agencies. We design the spa management with a special consideration for the cultural identity of the place and the people.

We analyze all the necessary details, in order to provide a customized proposal for any business reality.

Strategic Management

Strategic Marketing

We follow your spa’s development supporting the brand with targeted, personalized and often unconventional marketing activities. We improve your brand authority through successful campaigns, able to value both the setting and the services’ uniqueness.
We can contract strategic partnerships or organize social events. In any case, your customers are living touching experiences: as a matter of course, your brand is ranking your competitors.

Our design & holistic approach

Spa Design Management
One Soul Spa is specialized from A to Z in design & holistic approach consulting for brand new spas.

Do you want to build a spa or just provide a wellness experience?
One Soul Spa develops for you a well-defined spa’s identity and concept and finally gives soul to your project.

One Soul Spa designs the flux of service and the architecture of the spa and takes care of the team training, which focuses on improving both a high-quality holistic approach and experienced communication skills.

We propose strategic marketing tools to place your spa at a high level.

Our management approach is ethical and conscious: every single person is part of the creative process and free of expressing herself/himself in relationship with the other members of the team.

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