Our holistic approach

Zen Activities and Holistic Treatments

Our approach encompasses body-mind-spirit taking care of the integrity of your inner Self.

One Soul Spa is proud to gather high skilled therapists of Polynesia to share holistic body disciplines such as: Shiatsu, Foot Reflexology, Thai Massage, Yoga and Watsu, and – indeed – the Traditional Polynesian Massage.
Nurturing body treatments, after sun recovery, facial treatments, manicure and pedicure.

A to Z we also design the Spa Business Services managing a team of professional designers, consultants and architects.

Dreaming about Polynesian escape enjoying idyllic pampering experience

Polynesian natural landscape
Close your eyes and think of how relaxed you feel

surrounded by the beauty and enchant that the sea emanates,

walking on the beach and having the water touching you,

hearing the rhythm of the waves.

When your feet steps on one of the most incredible islands you’ve ever seen and you look the most beautiful lagoon of the world, your breath becomes calm and your perceptions are amplified by the beauty of the colors and by the power of the ocean.

The stress of everyday life melts away, and your whole self benefits.

The sea has healing powers on us.

Rediscover the harmonious relationship between man and nature

Approach to Nature and its regenerating properties,

through the richness of Holistic treatments

and Zen Rejuvenating activities.

Colorful and tasty significant memories that will rest for ever.

Walking around the island helps the human senses to be more receptive on ourselves. Breath becomes calm and perceptions are amplified: the understanding of this fact makes Bora Bora the perfect location for healing harmoniously.
Open spaces and magnificent landscape are your massage room and your yoga studio.
Moreover, being by the sea boost health: water, abundance of fresh air, sunshine, exercise, rest, recreation and pleasant surroundings effects a cure.

Polynesian wellness center

Holistic as… Union of all the parties and the facets of the human well-being

Holistic wellness activities

Space and time for you:

just slow down and let the Polynesian Mana come into you.

We spend time to recognize your needs and to be present for consultation and accompaniment.
Personalized programs are offered in harmony with your needs and respecting the rhythm of your integrations.

The Wellness bungalows are calm places, made entirely of wood, in which you will be lulled by the rhythm of the waves, protected from the natural elements of the island.
Treatments can be received also in open air on our relaxing terraces.

Find above the places where you can find our wellness centers: you can have access to our services by staying at the Resort or coming as an exterior client.

Our guests say:

“Bora bora is a relaxing do-nothing destination. It is perfect for healing retreats!”

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