Watsu® 1 Class

WATSU 1 One Soul Spa at Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa
Watsu® 1 Class
For the first time in French Polynesia

This is the full first level of WATSU  that includes the sixteen hour Basic course and expands upon it, educating participants in WATSU®’s Tai Chi-like basic moves and positions.

By staying grounded and connected with the breath, you learn to let the water do the work. In its continual return to the Water Breath Dance, participants find the stillness that is the ground of presence.

At this stage the basic moves and positions are connected with long gracefully flowing transitions. At all levels students learn about body mechanics – how to take care of themselves while supporting and moving others as effortlessly as possible in the water.
On land we introduce Shiatsu and explore and share what being held means.

No prerequisites are required.

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