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Kitesurf School Polynesia

Kitesurf School Polynesie

Kitesurf School Polynesie is a great opportunity to enjoy the amazing sport of kitesurfing, which is Carlos’ favorite sporting activity in Bora Bora!
Alban is both the owner and the founder of the school. He is part of our family here in Bora Bora. He is patient and his beautiful positive attitude supports and motivates the learning process.
Kitesurf School Polynesie offers everything you need to start kite boarding and get ripping fast!
Experienced instructors, supervised lessons, down wind,  specialized instructional equipment, and rental equipment available.
The school is situated on the magnificent spot of Matira point with its white sand beach and its shallow lagoon in turquoise blue color. They have the perfect setup to accommodate every student.


“Greatest experience in Bora Bora!”

I wish that I could give more than 5 stars! Albon is the finest instructor of any sport that I have experienced in my lifetime. Kite-boarding requires an understanding of how to harness a powerful force of nature with a very delicate touch, and Albon was able to communicate this to me in a patient, encouraging, and motivating manner. My wife and I enjoyed many other exciting activities in Bora Bora…jet skiing, swimming with sharks, snorkeling, jeeping…but the one that I will brag to all my friends about will be the kite-boarding! Albon was simply great!


Client in November 2012

“Best time kiting”

Stayed at St. Regis, Alban picked me up in his boat and we headed out. Went near the airport where winds were steady and I rode a 12M kite and had the best time. Called Alban two days later as I wanted to get as much time as possible kiting. He picked me up in the afternoon and the wind was so good, I had my choice of where to go. I kited right in front of the St. Regis on a 8M kite and again, it was awesome. Alban taught me how to begin jumping and transition to toe which made turning so much easier. The equipment was in the best shape and brand new. He was kind enough to take pictures of me and video which was so cool. I’ve kited with other companies in Aruba, and Turks and Caicos but I truly had the best time in Bora Bora with Alban. Thanks again Alban, I hope to see get there again one day.

Client in May 2014

Bora Bora Standup Paddle

Standup Paddle Boarding and Surfing

Stand Up Paddle in Bora Bora is a must do activity!
Each Hotel has stand up paddle boards, but we highly recommend you to take a tour with Bora Bora Stand Up Paddle to really enjoy to paddle free on the best lagoon you will ever see.
You can paddle in private or with a group and be supported by the supervision of an instructor with a boat.
They are really good friends of ours. You can be sure that they are really friendly and easygoing: they will do the best to make your day unforgettable.
They will take you to the best paddling spots in Bora Bora commensurate with your level.
You can enjoy a paddle down wind – pushed by the wind, which is amazingly enjoyable. You will have wonderful sensorial experience in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the amazing hues of blue, almost a color therapy in itself.


“The best activity in Bora Bora”

I have a really GREAT TIME!!!! Excellent teacher, 100% recomended. Thanks for all Alban, I will do it in Chile


Client in June 2014

“Great experience- highly recommended”

Alban was very friendly and professional.
It was fun, good exercise and a really great experience. So glad i did it! Alban made this experience, i think if you just hired a stand up paddle instead you wouldn’t have as much fun. He filmed and took photo’s for us. The best bit was when we water skied off the back of the boat on the stand up paddle- soooo much fun!


Client in April 2013

Diveasy Bora Bora: eco-snorkeling and diving

Diveasy Bora Bora: snorkeling, eco-snorkeling and private diving

“Fulfill your dreams and experience a first private dive in one of the most beautiful lagoons of the world!”
Laurent Graziana is a great dive instructor and a good friend of ours.

We love to dive with him because his passion for the ocean environment exceeds our expectations every time.
Laurant is able to infuse the dive with serenity even for people that are not at ease in the water. He takes you to see all the magnificent pristine spots. He is very respectful of nature and the utmost importance for him is the care of the environment.
In addition to scuba diving, Diveasy has developed the first interactive underwater trail in Bora Bora with explanation of the geological and biodiversity uniqueness of our island.


“Educational and Informative”

Educational, informative and excellent. Those are attributes of Laurent’s Diveasy operation. We booked a snorkeling experience (our first). Laurent was knowledgeable and obviously concerned and proud of the eco system of the lagoon. We went to a secluded place and swam for a long way looking at a lot of exciting animals. When the current became too strong, and we were tired, Laurent actually pulled us along. That is service. We would highly recommend Diveasy. We liked Laurent and appreciated all that he was doing for the environment. Later we heard about people who went to tourist places where they saw three things: Manta, sharks, fish, but they are all in pens. We saw the real thing in the real world. It was well worth it.


Client in June 2014

“Great dives, great service!”

My husband and I were on Bora bora for our honeymoon. We are beginner open water divers and have done around 8 dives in various locations around the world (mostly tropical). We were keen to do a dive whilst in French Polynesia.
Overall we were really impressed with the service from Diveasy, the gear was excellent, wetsuits were great and we were well taken care of.


Client in June 2014

Gulliver Cruises Destination Polynesia

Gulliver Cruises: from Italy to Polynesia

Of the people we know Michele Salvatore is one of the most knowledgeable about Polynesian culture.
He is Italian and has lived in Polynesia for many years providing great cruise ship services for Italian clients.

Enchanted by Polynesian culture Michele is supported by his wife Ludovica and together they share passion and knowledge and are able to incorporate a magical paradise of nature and a world of beauty with cultural, culinary and historical discovery!
If you want a vacation on board this really is the best choice.


Sul Gulliver per 6 giorni …rimarranno stampati nei nostri cuori prima che nella memoria. Impossibile immaginare una simile avventura senza queste 2 persone meravigliose che hanno reso UNICA ogni giornata. Grazie a loro abbiamo conosciuto la vera cultura polinesiana, abbiamo partecipato insieme ai polinesiani all’Heiva, siamo stati coccolati con manicaretti buonissimi da colazione fino a cena .. ed abbiamo conosciuto persone fantastiche come Norbert e Mamà Naumi la doce nonnina delle collane. Vi porteremo sempre con noi impavido Michele e tenera Ludovica e…grazie per tutto…proprio tutto !!!!


Italian client in July 2011

… siamo partiti verso l’ignoto…. << ma come sarà mai vivere una settimana in barca…in viaggio di nozze…in una parte dell’oceano cher sulla cartina non sono altro che dei puntini….?!!!>>  Abbiamo scoperto un altro mondo, abbiamo visto la terra con un occhio diverso ed abbiamo scoperto un mare ed un cielo meraviglioso ; ed abbiamo scoperto delle persone che rimarranno per sempre in un angolino del nostro cuore. Ludovica sempre piena di entusiasmo e tenerezza! Michele uomo di mare, uomo di mondo ma soprattutto un uomo di cuore! Grazie di tutto . Penso a quegli italiani in viaggio di nozze nei Resort , con tutto quello che spendono…e che ci fotografano mentre passiamo in barca ……e si perdono questo Paradiso. Domani ci lasceremo e probabilmente scenderà una lacrima che abbiamo trattenuto persino il giorno delle nozze !!! Certamente torneremo e con una tribù di pargoletti per far loro conoscere quegli “zii” che tante volte avranno sentito nominare . Grazie e a presto!


Italian client in August 2011

Paddle Yoga

Paddle Yoga

In our spare time we enjoy going out on the lagoon with our own paddle board.  Paddle 30 minutes up the current to a safe spot where we can begin a nice yoga relaxation while being floated down by the current.

Very slowly the gentle lapping waves drive us back to where we started. It is symbolic, it feels safe and natural, amplifying the sensorial experience.
We recommend you try this yourself to experience the magic of letting go.

Few tips: sunset time is the best, and our favourite position is the lotus, in total meditation, to end the day with a magic touch!

Vitamin Sea: Catamaran Tours on Bora Bora Lagoon

Vitamin Sea: Catamaran Tours on Bora Bora Lagoon

Sail on the Pacific lagoon of Bora Bora – how beautiful and enjoyable!
Vitamin Sea is a high performance racing catamaran designed to leave you with fantastic memories and give you great experiences.
The advantage of the catamaran is that it gives you freedom, and its professional crew are good friends of ours.

Knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about the sea they are certified by the French marine authorities to ensure you a safe and unforgettable adventure.


Natura Discovery Bora Bora

Natura Discovery: 4×4 guided tours

Bora Bora is splendid by earth too. Difficult to visit by yourself the wise choice is to opt for a ride in a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Our favorite one is Natura Discovery. They take you into the vestiges of history, sacrificial rock featuring imbedded petroglyphs, and ‘marae’ that are the ancient Polynesian ceremonial squares.

It is extremely interesting and highlights that Bora Bora has more to offer than just the lagoon and water based activities. Keep in mind that most of these areas are accessible only with professional Natura Discovery guides.

Natura Discovery on Facebook

Tohora Whale Watching Tours Bora Bora

Tohoraborabora: Whale Watching Tours

Entering the world of the marine giants was for us an extraordinary experience.
Being close to whales opens the heart and frees the spirit.
From our first approach we understood the knowledge, experience and the passion of Simon Cencier. Our first humpback whale watching exploration was with Tohora, and since then it has been a new world. Simon is really knowledgeable about these animals and their behaviors; moreover, with his smile and sense of humor, he always makes sure that all the participants are happy and safe. He keeps you up to date on the location and guides you through the marvelous whales world.

Simon is the owner of Tohora and is a great friend of us. You can be sure that on his boat you will take part to one of the best tours in Bora Bora.


“Une excursion parfaite!”

Simon est LE PASSIONNÉ du lagon de Bora, il sait parfaitement nous guider avec son humour et sa joie de vivre communicative, il nous a fait vivre des moments inoubliables avec les baleines tant sur le bateau à les suivre, que dans l’eau où rien n’est plus magique que de se retrouver face à un baleineau jouant avec sa mère…

French client in April 2015

“An amazing ecologically conscious tour and snorkeling”

I had one of the best snorkeling experiences with Simon, He knows the lagoons like the back of his hands, he is very aware of the ecological balance and protective of the corals, as anyone should be. We went to the coral gardens close to the reef and it wasn’t easy to navigate in the canyons of coral but he managed to to safely navigate with me by his side despite the strong current. He is a cheerful fella who loves what he does and appreciates the beauty and the well balanced eco-system in those lagoons. He works very hard to show you the beauty of it without disrupting or damaging that fragile fauna. I definitely recommend him and will be booking another trip to Bora this time to watch the whales.


Client in April 2015

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